Ingroundconcrete copyCon­crete Inground Shel­ter 6′ X 8′. As a full ser­vice shel­ter com­pa­ny, we make these types of shel­ters avail­able. Our sup­pli­er sells over 250 of these type of shel­ters per year. Instal­la­tion depends upon good weath­er, so it can be 6–8 week lead time. ORDER EARLY—this is a FEMA rat­ed shel­ter and is installed approx­i­mate­ly 36” in the ground and the excess dirt removed is back-filled around the shel­ter. This is a very good val­ue shel­ter for the cost.— $3250.00 — deliv­ered and installed with­in 50 miles of Billings, MO 65610. Call with any ques­tions. We also have oth­er sizes avail­able. Small­er shel­ters are about $50.00 less.