D. I. Y.

2014-04-15_14-48-43_765This is a new prod­uct for us. It is priced at $2995.00. This shel­ter is designed for the “do it your self per­son.” It CANNOT be installed incor­rect­ly. This unit is 48” wide X 54” deep (long) and a stan­dard 76 “ tall. It bolts togeth­er with 183 1/2 X 13 X 1 inch long grade 5 blots and can be assem­bled in 2 1/2 to 3 hours by 2 adults. It is fin­ished in gray. You MAY add 18 inch sec­tions and make the unit larg­er. EACH 18 inch sec­tion is $996.00.