If you are look­ing for good employment—welding, fab­ri­ca­tion, paint­ing, and basic shop work—call for inter­view / infor­ma­tion. Our work envi­ron­ment is excel­lent. Wages and bonus­es are com­men­su­rate with indi­vid­ual skills and goals.

Investment Opportunity

We have 2 Dis­trib­u­tors at this time… we will con­sid­er any­one that has a desire and rec­og­nizes the poten­tial to work with us. An invest­ment of $7500.00 is required to start. Call for details and ask for Dan.

Business Opportunity

There is an oppor­tu­ni­ty for busi­ness own­er­ship avail­able. I am at an age that retire­ment is in my near future. We have a sol­id, well estab­lished small busi­ness that has a poten­tial for growth. We own our engi­neer­ing, designs, equip­ment, jigs / fix­tures, equip­ment, inven­to­ry, rolling stock, cus­tomer list and real estate. To list with a “busi­ness bro­ker” or “real estate” agent will deduct 25% or more from total sale price. If you are look­ing for a busi­ness to buy or invest in, call and talk to me. We have cal­cu­lat­ed every­thing at “fair mar­ket val­ue”— or basi­cal­ly “auc­tion price” and added no “ blue sky” costs. If you are inter­est­ed and are finan­cial­ly respon­si­ble, call and ask for Dan.