We went to Lubbock, Tx and had our units and doors tested at Texas Tech University. There are several places to have testing done; however, Texas Tech is the leading recognized authority on wind science engineering and testing.

The engineer of record, Larry Tanner P.E., at our testing asked if we were going to sell our door as a separate item. He said, “Our door was the best he had seen,” “no one is making anything like this.”  We informed him that this was our intention. Check out our Picture Gallery and under the tool bar “D.I.Y.” our door is exactly like our standard Gen 3 shelter door; however we build each one to fit your needs — any size opening you have — and the price is only $2260.00. 

We should mention trade associations and like groups. While they do have a purpose, at this time we have chosen to not participate in these groups (and spend $$ with them). Our policy and business ethic is simple: 

  1. follow the basic principles of life and be fair in all our dealings.
  2. the customer is Boss. We need to satisfy the customer and treat everyone “like we want to be treated.”

We will be glad to provide a list of customers we have done work for as references of our performance. We are constantly trying to improve our product and give our customers the best value for their trust in us— this is our focus.