We went to Lub­bock, Tx and had our units and doors test­ed at Texas Tech Uni­ver­si­ty. There are sev­er­al places to have test­ing done; how­ev­er, Texas Tech is the lead­ing rec­og­nized author­i­ty on wind sci­ence engi­neer­ing and test­ing.

The engi­neer of record, Lar­ry Tan­ner P.E., at our test­ing asked if we were going to sell our door as a sep­a­rate item. He said, “Our door was the best he had seen,” “no one is mak­ing any­thing like this.”  We informed him that this was our inten­tion. Check out our Pic­ture Gallery and under the tool bar “D.I.Y.” our door is exact­ly like our stan­dard Gen 3 shel­ter door; how­ev­er we build each one to fit your needs — any size open­ing you have — and the price is only $2260.00. 

We should men­tion trade asso­ci­a­tions and like groups. While they do have a pur­pose, at this time we have cho­sen to not par­tic­i­pate in these groups (and spend $$ with them). Our pol­i­cy and busi­ness eth­ic is sim­ple: 

  1. fol­low the basic prin­ci­ples of life and be fair in all our deal­ings.
  2. the cus­tomer is Boss. We need to sat­is­fy the cus­tomer and treat every­one “like we want to be treat­ed.”

We will be glad to pro­vide a list of cus­tomers we have done work for as ref­er­ences of our per­for­mance. We are con­stant­ly try­ing to improve our prod­uct and give our cus­tomers the best val­ue for their trust in us— this is our focus.