Workbench “Hunker Bunker”

Workbench " Hunker Bunker"This is a very unique storm shel­ter. Con­struct­ed from 3/16 plate steel like all of our shel­ters, it is ALSO a work­bench with a vise. We use the same door as our Gen 3 Shel­ters only the door is ONE HALF as tall — thus work­bench height.

Avail­able in mat­te black fin­ish with a red vise and door vent. The vise and door vent are also avail­able in Ford Blue, Chevy Orange, and John Deere Green at no extra charge. The alu­minum dia­mond plate is for dec­o­ra­tion and it is applied over our 3/16 steel mate­r­i­al. Our stan­dard unit is 6′ long; how­ev­er, we also make 8′ and 10′ mod­els.

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